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Groupon discounts their customer satisfaction too!

poor customer service at Groupon

Is Groupon Too large to care? I don’t get the reason why some companies ditch customer satisfaction once they become larger, talk about shooting yourself in the foot? I have recently had a bad experience with Groupon (the deal/discount provider) that they failed to correct even after chats and support tickets! Their service agents can very […]

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4 Ways to Leverage Your CRM and Marketing Automation Systems for Sales Impact

Keynote Speaker CRM Amr Selim

Sales teams have long used customer relationship management (CRM) systems to track and organize their activities. Now, their marketing colleagues are enjoying similar productivity benefits through automation, as well. Taken separately, these companion technologies already pose a value to businesses, albeit a limited one. Realizing the true potential of marketing automation and CRM to drive […]

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Service Excellence is a culture

Learn service excellence

Service is the most important differentiation between you and your competition Source: UpYourService Youtube Channel This new culture assessment tool may be useful for you and your team: “Do You Have an Uplifting Service Culture?” It’s available at no cost at http://www.UpYourService.com/assessment

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Why telephone & online support fail in the Middle East ?

  As a customer, every time that I deal with an organization, I find myself dragged into analyzing their service especially their telephone and their online support. The problem is that those large banks and telecoms etc… Who are supposed to set the example to follow, are mostly the example of “what not to do”! […]

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CRM is not a software application!

  So What exactly is CRM? CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management " which is is more than just an IT project or a tool. It is a strategy that requires a shift in the organisational culture and a transition process towards "customer-centricity". I can't remember where I read that "CRM is a business methodology […]

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eCRM Presentation delivered @ e-shabab, July 2010

View and download the video presentation @ eCRM Presentation delivered BY Amr Selim at the e-shabab programme , July 2010 (Version 1.0) Bonus #1: FREE guide 1 – Marketing Terminology of the Internet Bonus #2: Triple your online productivity in less than 24 hours , using this Amazingly useful ,  FREE guide Thanks for passing […]

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