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Online! EP 19 – How to get a WordPress website as a subscription and pay monthly, With Gill Wilson

Online ? With Amr The Internet Guy! Episode 19 – How to get a WordPress website as a subscription service, With Gill Wilson This Podcast is available at your favorite Podcast/Streaming network including Spotify, Google Podcasts and...

Online! EP 17, Martial Arts & A Recipe for Success – Michelle Tremblay

How Martial Arts lead to a good environment to thrive, and succeed – with Michelle Tremblay

Online! EP16 with Dan, How to Protect business from Digital Threats!

In this day and age, we do everything online, but we also need to be fully aware of the digital threats and be prepared in order to protect our business & our investment from disaster.
My guest today is Dan Frederick, who has almost 30 years working in the technology industry from programming and systems management to IT consulting and we are discussing backups, security, passwords, hacking, ransomware, website security, and more.

Online! EP:15 How to succeed online as a personal trainer, Jill Whalen

Meet Jill Whalen from New Jersey, the owner of Longevity Fitness & Wellness, and a certified personal trainer/fitness coach specializing in women’s fitness as well as seniors’ wellness and fitness.
She is my first podcast guest who does NOT have a website, yet she was very successful in moving her training online.
This is an episode that you will certainly enjoy! Guaranteed ?

EP:13 Write Quickly, Painlessly, & Effectively with Leandre Larouche

In This episode, we are discussing writing, not just any writing but writing a book! Why? My Guest from Quebec is Monsieur/ Leandre Larouche, an avid writer, publisher, podcaster, and writing coach. He helps people write and publish a book in 16 weeks, and to fall in love with the process of writing.
There is more than one reason why anyone would write a book, especially if you are an entrepreneur!

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