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Should I hire a website developer? Yes. Here’s why

380 new websites are created every minute. 380 new competitors for your audience’s attention, time, and money. You can’t afford to have an ugly or badly functioning website.

Comprehensive Guide for Any Small Business to Launch a Website

8 easy to follow steps in order to take your idea and make it into a website that anyone would be happy to visit.

SkyScraper SEO, The Flaws and The better solution to Boost Traffic

Many use the premise of the SEO skyscraper technique to build backlinks and rank higher on Google, but does it work?
You might be asking what is the skyscraper technique and how it can help my business?

DNS Records explained, A vs. CNAME vs. MX and how to use them

In this Tutorial Amr explains the difference between these four very important DNS records: A, CNAME, TXT and the MX record, how to use them and what is the best way to manage your DNS.