Groupon discounts their customer satisfaction too!

poor customer service at Groupon

Is Groupon Too large to care? I don’t get the reason why some companies ditch customer satisfaction once they become larger, talk about shooting yourself in the foot? I have recently had a bad experience with Groupon (the deal/discount provider) that they failed to correct even after chats and support tickets! Their service agents can very […]

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Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB is already yours

  If you have ever bought anything from Amazon.com , chances are that you already have an account with Amazon, and they are generous enough to give each account 5GB of free cloud storage. You can use this storage as a cloud backup of your important files and documents this can also include any digital […]

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Social Media Seating Anyone?

  This is definitely an innovative use of Social Media from KLM , but it could also potentially irritate some passengers. KLM’S Meet and Seat programme: “How to get a better seatmate” , is certainly not for everyone. The idea is to link your Facebook profile with your profile as a passenger , this will […]

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Triple your online productivity in less than 24 hours

That is the approximate time it takes you to scan through this excellent collection of internet tools. They are brilliant! This reference e-book is compiled by Ernesto Verdugo.It is really a useful e-book that contains fantastic sites and online resources , you or anyone can instantly use , you will be amazed that some of […]

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