What do they say about Amr?

Working with Amr has been great! We love our new company website and the whole process of creating it was near painless. Our only challenge was content creation, but Amr had good suggestions and a flexible schedule that accommodated our delays. His system for step by step progress throughout site development set clear expectations, avoided hiccups, and definitely simplified our end of things and our busy schedule. Amr is very adept and professional. Highly recommended.

Leif Early

Marketing Associate, Silent Lights Canada

Before speaking with Amr, my website was a mess! My contact form did not work, fonts were all different and the message on my home page needed to be updated. I was so overwhelmed with dealing with my website and it was a huge sore spot for me. Amr saved the day! He took all the stress out of updating my website! It was the best service ever! I have had other contractors work on my website and none of them provided the same personal and high quality of work that Amr did! I highly recommend Amr to anyone and everyone. He is a lot of fun to work with. Thank you Amr!

Amanda Molyneux

CEO, Create Your Future

Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
Janine Croft

Amr was Reporting to Janine

As an ex Customer Service Director within XpertLearning, Amr showed professionalism, honesty and outstanding custom service internally and externally.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Amr to this role.

Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
Paul Michael Gledhill

Amr was Reporting to Paul

Amr worked for XpertLearning for 3+ years 2013 – 2016
He was a very conscientious hard working guy with the most positive attitude I have ever come across in my many years as a business professional and leader. I can truly say that Amr with his boundless energy would be a great hire for any company. He is a star and would be an asset for any progressive organisation.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Ean Jackson

    Amr was a client of Ean’s

    As Amr’s executive coach in the New Ventures BC Venture Acceleration Program, I had the pleasure of working closely with Amr as he explored the idea of starting a new business in a new country. Always upbeat and positive in his approach, Amr was a quick learner. I was inspired by his hard work resourcefulness and passion for technology … a true entrepreneur!

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Tamer Elogueil , ACIPD

    Tamer was a client of Amr’s

    Amr is an enthusiastic person, have passion towards tech world and learning solutions. I worked with Amr through RTA projects, he is On top of everything to ensure his team on time with the project timeline along with the expected standards as per the deliverables agreement.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Nuha Karmustaji

    Amr was senior to Nuha but didn’t manage her directly

    Amr.. when i say Amr the first image comes to my mind is a cheerful confident man that spreads positive energy at all times. He was a type of manager that is hard to find, he could build a strong happy team.. i worked with Amr in client services, training and development beside other projects and they all showed great results. In brief; profissonslism high skills human values =Amr Slim
    All I can say is that he was a big loss to LMRA.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Elsie Low

    Elsie was a client of Amr’s

    I have worked with Amr Selim directly when he was with LMRA. Truly, a Professional who values customer service and feedback. He takes his responsibilities in earnest and therefore, it was a joy to work with him.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Elisa Nazarian

    Elisa worked with Amr on a project

    To Whom It May Concern:

    It is my privilege to make special note of the accomplishments of Mr. Amr Selim, a Business Partner, and I would like to highly recommend him for a partnership with any professional consultant or trainer.

    He is very conscientious about his work, punctual and dedicated. He is fun spirited, Mr. Selim always cheerful and smiling. He doesn’t hesitate to give advice to others and support them when needed.

    During the past year, I worked with Mr. Amr directly, he was very professional, cooperative and supportive. During this project he illustrates his attention to details and concern for quality.

    He brought to the project a unique life experience and energy.

    His knowledge is unsurpassed. He has proven himself to be an expert at assisting his colleagues and partners with responsibility and has even performed a risk analyses in order to prevent liability issues from arising.

    I highly recommend Mr. Selim and look forward to working with him again.

    Elisa Nazarian

  • Zahra Ateya

    Zahra reported directly to Amr

    I would describe Amr as the best friendly manager ever, His knowledge and work between E-Support & Call center as well as his personal qualities and the highest level of professionalism helped him to be the key component in all steps of managing two departments at the same time he’s got a very good intelligence to be a link between management and employees. He remediates the issue with best interest of the company as well as keeping the employees in confidence. He has a subtle managerial ability to understand people’s motivations and properly respond to them, I have never met someone with so much passion for what they do daily and it was a pleasure working with him in the same department. Amr always has a positive can-do attitude. I would gladly work with Amr again and I whole-heartedly recommend him as he would be an invaluable asset to any organization..

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Waheed AlBalushi

    Waheed managed Amr directly

    Amr tought me in a course of CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) back in 2002, that’s where I met him first, I learned a lot from him in the field of web designing and IT.
    We worked together in many Internet-related NGO activities, then I recommended him to work with me in LMRA where he proved his professionalism in many other areas such as customer relations, establishing call center, CRM, training and many other areas.

    I rely on him in many aspects and trust him blindly.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Jose Duarte Ramos

    Jose worked with Amr on many Projects

    Amr is a gifted CRM specialist. Because he has many years of CRM experience he knows a variety of creative customer service teaching methods. I met Amr when he was based in Dubai back in 2003, and we have been working together on major CRM Outsourcing programs across the GCC since then. He is always encouraging and positive. Amr specifically is the best CRM instructor I have ever met, with special focus on internet marketing, social media, customer support services and technology consulting. If you want to improve the overall CRM strategy of your company with operational results, talk to Amr

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations

    Amr worked with Mohamed A. Badie, in the same group

    Amr is an awesome colleague, dedicated and possess a high standard of professional ethics.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Ali Almossawi

    Ali worked with Amr in different groups

    Amr is a wonderful person to work with. He has the ability to breathe life into anyone who comes in contact with him. Despite us not being in the same group, it was easy to see him as the professional, respectful and delightful person that he his. An asset for any company to have.

  • Amr Selim – Testimonials & Recommendations
    Hussain Husain

    Hussain worked with Amr but at different companies

    Amr maybe a 3 letter name but this guy has soo much to offer!

    I have personally know Amr for a while now, and this guy is one clever cookie. He is an absolute expert in IT and online marketing.

    He is one of the leaders in the Bahrain Internet Marketing field, and is taking IT consultancy to a new level. He has all the solutions that you may need in this area.

    Would highly recommend Amr for any jobs you may be involved with him.

From Clients

  • “I thank you for your kind support & consideration as always.”
    Junaid, Bahrain
  • “Dear Amr Selim, Thank you for the prompt clarification” Lim – Singapore
  • “Dear Mr. Amr Selim
    Many thanks for your detailed reply. I am really pleased with your reply and the services provided by LMRA to its customers. Kind Regards,”
    Abdullah – Bahrain.
  • “To Whom It May Concern
    I would just like to thank LMRA for great service. The two consultants Mr. Amr Selim. and Mr. Ebrahim Hassan has done a great job with regards to all my queries. As an ex-pat, I am very grateful and happy to know that LMRA is both supportive and helpful.”
    Olivia – South Africa
  • “I am very pleased to forward my question to your good office as I am happy with LMRA Service.”
    A. Yousuf – Bahrain.
  •  ” Dear Amr Selim, I would like to thank your for your immediate (Response, Help,  Action, and Support ).”
    Dr. Abdulrahman – Bahrain.
  • “I appreciate all of your help and look forward to meeting you in the near future.”
    Rebecca – Bahrain.

(Source: E-mail messages from customers)

Ex-team members

  • “I had a really great time working with you and I also enjoyed working here in LMRA thanks for everything”
  • “Amr you have a lovely personality … anyone who works with you and knows you … would like to be your friend”

Events’ Delegates

  •  “I liked the fact that the environment was friendly , cool and professional , in the same time we didn’t get bored”
    Shehrazade , Algeria.
  • “I liked, the way the instructor was passing the information to the students , I mean to to say he was attracting the attention”
    Atif .S , Oman.
  • “I liked having an experienced instructor in the customer service domain and learning from other colleagues working on the help desk already”    Eric .C , Nigeria.
  • “The course was interactive , professional and friendly , the presentation was clear and Amr the instructor was creative , he managed to let us forget we are in training and for 3 days we were like a team learning with each other
    Nawal  , Algeria.
  • “Excellent, Interesting, Enjoyed – Thank you” Georges .V , UAE.
  • “I liked his way of presentation”
    Bhupesh , India.
  • “I liked the Interaction between trainer and trainees”
    Joseph .A , UAE.
  • “I liked The teacher’s attitude and behavior”
    Enaya .H , Saudi Arabia.
  • What I liked the most about this course was “The Trainer”
    Batool .A , Saudi Arabia.

(Source: training and events, feedback forms)