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6 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

responsive web design

  Source: 6 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive This might not be a surprise for most of you, yet despite the impressive statistics below, many businesses do not yet have a mobile website. Hopefully, reading through these stats from Smart Insights will light a fire to stop ignoring the need for a mobile website… Continue reading […]

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Whats new in WordPress 4.8 “Evans”?

wordpress expert Amr Selim

Exciting news from our friends at WordPress! Version 4.8 has many enhancements that were not previously possible without having to use a relevant plugin! It has new improvements in many areas like links and the dashboard’s news section etc. But in my opinion, the most exciting update is in the widgets area, where we can […]

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Groupon discounts their customer satisfaction too!

poor customer service at Groupon

Is Groupon Too large to care? I don’t get the reason why some companies ditch customer satisfaction once they become larger, talk about shooting yourself in the foot? I have recently had a bad experience with Groupon (the deal/discount provider) that they failed to correct even after chats and support tickets! Their service agents can very […]

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