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“The Internet Guy”

A certified technology & management consultant with expertise in Internet technology and the implementation / management of online services & e-Business (e-Learning, e-CRM, Knowledge Management, Social Media, Digital Marketing & brand optimization …)

With more than 20 years of work experience and a balance of leadership, soft and technical skills, Amr developed a passion for service and realized the importance of aligning people, process and technology in order to achieve excellence.
He has been online since the “dial-up” era of the early nineties, and have made the Internet his Business ever since.

As a sought after speaker/trainer, he has worked in various industries and managed projects in many countries including, The UK, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – currently based in Dubai, enjoying the opportunity to work with different people and cultures in this Amazing Emirate.

Always praised by clients, fellow colleagues & industry experts for his professionalism and his positive “can-do” attitude.



:: The orchestrator of a successful, large-scale online service delivery and support helpdesk implementation, with his inception, conceptualization implementation and management of LMRA’s online support helpdesk (e-support.) The first public sector’s fully functional online help-desk in the region, assisting & serving more than 150,000 customers, and handling 8000+  e-support tickets monthly, with a success solution rate of 90%+ within 3 business days and a customer satisfaction rate of 85%++

:: One of the earliest achievers of the CIW (Internet Webmaster) certification and only the second person to become an accredited CIW trainer (2001) and the first HDI certified Help Desk Expert and trainer (2003) in the Middle East, (Second in the MEA region) of the e-Commerce certified consultant    status (2003) From the Institute of e-commerce consultants – ICECC, USA.

:: A certified e-Business & e-Commerce Professional and a Certified Cyber Marketing / e-Marketing Professional from the e-Commerce Council – USA.



:: Technology Consulting & Project Management

:: CRM and eCRM

:: Online Learning and Performance systems

:: Service Improvement

:: Internet and Online Services

:: Social media Marketing

:: e-Business / e-Commerce

:: Call Centres / Support Centres

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BIS Board September 2011


I can’t remember who was the first person to tell me this, but I really believe that “People do not do business with a company…they do business with people”

Amr Selim.


Author: Amr Selim

"The Internet Guy!" Tech. Consultant & Keynote Speaker: "Online BIZ, Digital Transformation, CX, WordPress, eLearning, Digital Marketing" | Husband, Father & Soccer fan | Customer Success Expert helping Entrepreneurs succeed online by taking away their "Digital Pain"!

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