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Those guys at Google keep surprising all of us with excellent services and new ideas and the best part is that they manage to do it for free! Of course, many of you will point out that there is no such thing as a free lunch so what do they get out of it? Some of you have already tried Gmail and would have seen some kind of targeted advertising, I must admit that it is done in a smart way and does not interfere with the menus or e-mail controls, besides it is clearly labeled.

There are suggestions that Google has made its way to the title of the "most globally recognised brand." But if you ask me I still believe this place is reserved for Coca Cola, but what Google managed to achieve is: "becoming synonym with innovation, creativity and much more." Best of all Google proves that there is indeed a "Free Lunch" – at least Online !

What 's the BUZZ about?
I am recommending some web-based "tried and tested" solutions and the best thing about them is that they are either open source or proprietary services offered for free.

T he gold medal or "crème de la crème" has to go to Google. I love you guys!
I hope Google maintains its leadership in this domain.

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  • They also offer you Google Web Masters tools Here.
  • Or you can check other fantastic tools like Google Earth and Google Maps Here.

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