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It is proven that the amount of rest you get is determined by the quality of sleep that you (your body) gets at night. Notice that it is the “quality” of sleep and not the “quantity” of sleep.
Obviously if you sleep for less than 6 hours a night that would not be good enough to get you there but sleeping for 8 hours or more would not get you there either.

  • The best thing for an adult (between 20 and 50) is to sleep anything between 6 and 8 hours, but what is really more important is the amount of good sleep or deep sleep that you will get during those hours.
  • The quality of our sleep is determined by many factors like noise, light, exercise etc… Learning to do the right thing during the “awake” hours would drastically improve the quality of your “sleep hours”.
  • Did you know that using your Ipad or Smart Phone in bed, just before going to sleep can negatively affect your sleep? Mainly because of exposing your eyes to the device’s screen lighting, fortunately though, there are apps that turn the device’s lighting to “night mode” so that you can check that last crazy photo on Facebook before you sleep.

I am one of those night awls, for some strange reason, I enjoy those few hours after the kids go to bed, they are good enough for reading, PlayStation, watching Soccer, Virtual socializing on social media or even taking some online courses.

The problem is that as a result I end up sleeping late and getting just about 6 hours (if I am lucky), so the importance my sleep quality is intensified here, as I do not want to be tired, lazy or cranky the next day at work!
I used to have bad sleep quality, especially that I am a real light sleeper any any little noise in the street would wake me up, let alone my wife’s tossing and turning 🙂

How I have improved the quality of my sleep?

Luckily I have come across a very useful sleep hacking course on Udemy, called Learn Optimal Sleep to Improve Your Health, Energy, and Mind. This has given me a lot of information that I did not know about sleeping well and what I could do during my busy day to positively affect my sleep. It enabled me to improve and control many elements in my environment that contributes to the quality of my sleep.

The only thing I can not control is the other family members, but that is ok I guess 🙂



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