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Amr Selim CRM manager

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  • “I thank you for your kind support & consideration as always.”
    Junaid, Bahrain
  • “Dear Amr Selim, Thank you for the prompt clarification” Lim – Singapore
  • “Dear Mr. Amr Selim
    Many thanks for your detailed reply. I am really pleased with your reply and the services provided by LMRA to its customers. Kind Regards,”
    Abdullah – Bahrain.
  • “To Whom It May Concern
    I would just like to thank LMRA for great service. The two consultants Mr. Amr Selim. and Mr. Ebrahim Hassan has done a great job with regards to all my queries. As an ex-pat, I am very grateful and happy to know that LMRA is both supportive and helpful.”
    Olivia – South Africa
  • “I am very pleased to forward my question to your good office as I am happy with LMRA Service.”
    A. Yousuf – Bahrain.
  •  ” Dear Amr Selim, I would like to thank your for your immediate (Response, Help,  Action, and Support ).”
    Dr. Abdulrahman – Bahrain.
  • “I appreciate all of your help and look forward to meeting you in the near future.”
    Rebecca – Bahrain.

(Source: E-mail messages from customers)

Ex-team members

  • “I had a really great time working with you and I also enjoyed working here in LMRA thanks for everything”
  • “Amr you have a lovely personality … anyone who works with you and knows you … would like to be your friend”


  •  “I liked the fact that the environment was friendly , cool and professional , in the same time we didn’t get bored”
    Shehrazade , Algeria.
  • “I liked, the way the instructor was passing the information to the students , I mean to to say he was attracting the attention”
    Atif .S , Oman.
  • “I liked having an experienced instructor in the customer service domain and learning from other colleagues working on the help desk already”    Eric .C , Nigeria.
  • “The course was interactive , professional and friendly , the presentation was clear and Amr the instructor was creative , he managed to let us forget we are in training and for 3 days we were like a team learning with each other
    Nawal  , Algeria.
  • “Excellent, Interesting, Enjoyed – Thank you” Georges .V , UAE.
  • “I liked his way of presentation”
    Bhupesh , India.
  • “I liked the Interaction between trainer and trainees”
    Joseph .A , UAE.
  • “I liked The teacher’s attitude and behavior”
    Enaya .H , Saudi Arabia.
  • What I liked the most about this course was “The Trainer”
    Batool .A , Saudi Arabia.

(Source: training and events, feedback forms)


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