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Yes that is possible (Not literally though) but read on:

I had a relatively new work HP laptop (Touchsmart 14) that was driving me crazy, and was freezing every couple of hours needing a restart. It was also sluggish with simple tasks like copying files, and on top of it if I had more than 4 tabs open in Chrome, it will stop responding.

At first I thought that the pre-loaded OEM Windows 8.1 was to blame, so I went through hoops to install Windows 7 in a dual boot solution, it took me sometime to convert the Hard  Disk from GPT to MBR without losing any data, and then to locate the appropriate drivers to use during and after the setup of Windows 7, as HP only had Windows 8 drivers for this model.

Once I had Windows 7, I was hoping that the problem will be solved, boy how wrong was I !

So after spending 3 weekends in a row updating windows 7 and re-installing my applications and re-configuring them, I was still suffering from that frequent PC freezing problem, it was very frustrating when you want to get work done and the machine is too slow opening MS outlook or an Excel sheet. and needing yet another re-start.

I thought that the best option would be to buy a new laptop with a better hardware, however the one I am using did not seem to have a bad hardware configuration either, so I started testing every component and digging a bit deeper in order to find which one is causing the bottleneck.

After completing the tests it was evident that the hard disk was the prime suspect, especially that it was 5400 RPM (Who uses that anymore?)

I looked on Amazon and Souq.com for a decent 500GB  SATA HD that has 7200 RPM, but would that alone solve the problem ? As I was comparing prices, I have decided to look at SSD’s even though they are much more expensive, just to explore that route.

I found that Crucial (famous for memory chips – and part of Micron) had a few options with relatively reasonable pricing for an SSD , compared to other SSD’s (not traditional mechanical HD’s)

After doing some extra research I have placed the order on Amazon for the Crucial MX100 512GB SATA 2.5″ I got it in 2 days delivered to my US address, then Aramex Shop and Ship brought it to Dubai.
Overnight, I had used EASEUS free disk clone tool to clone the disk

It was not an easy task to try and open the very slim Touchsmart book in order to replace the HD, but Youtube came to the rescue 🙂

After 40 minutes or so, I had the new 512 GB Crucial SSD mounted and even though the chasis was still open, I have decided to give it a test drive before finalising things, so I connected an external USB mouse and Keyboard and booted in safe mode. I was worried that the old Intel Rapid disk driver and service for the old sluggish HD will cause problems.

The first good sign was the speed of the OS boot in safe mode (around 5 Seconds), so I have logged in and disabled Intel Rapid disk and restarted in normal mode WOOOW 12 seconds to boot windows 7! You must be kidding me !!

OK, all looks fine to me, so let’s close the chasis and reconnect the touchpad and keybord ribbons etc… let’s bring the laptop back to its proper looks!

48 Hours later now with the machine on and heavily used without the need of one single restart, no freezing whatsoever, greatly improved multi-tasking, all file types open with a blink of an eye. I JUST LOVE IT

That machine feels like a Power MAC or a Linux based speedy laptop, honestly. The difference is noticeable, it took 30 seconds to create a windows recovery point (that used to take at least 3 minutes before), the list is endless here, not to mention the windows index where the HD score went from 4.9 to 7.9 🙂  I could not be happier.

This upgrade will set you back $209 but it is worth every penny, think of the time you will save and the frustration you will avoid!

Here is the Magic piece



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