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You need to secure your website with https, here’s why:

secure your website with https

In the past, it was ok to have http only as long as you didn’t have any online transactions or user information being transferred to your website.

We have always known that we needed to secure our websites with an SSL certificate and use https protocol instead of http, but we had no mandatory reason to do so and the SSL certificates were quite expensive!

Recently, the 2 main leading browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, started to push user notifications related to security, so when your website visitor lands on your http page they will get a browser notification telling them “this website is not secure”

In some cases I have also had alerts from my anti-virus as well, it would totally block access to the “insecure site” or page and ask me to manually override by clicking “yes I am aware of the risk” and Proceed to the “unsafe site”!

All those nags will definitely shake the user’s trust in your website, and you don’t want that! Do you?

The good news is that installing and configuring an SSL certificate to work with WordPress is not a difficult thing to do, and the certificates are much cheaper now than before, you can buy them from your hosting provider or from NameCheap

Here’s a Quick video tutorial on how to install the digital SSL certificate and enable https on your website

NOW it is the best time to secure our website!

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