Fresh day, Fresh content, and that’s the biggest SEO secret!

Amr Selim The Internet Guy

So today was sunny with a breeze, great blue sky, and just the right temperature that makes you feel fresh! So I have decided to venture around and while I was walking under the trees I’ve also created a new short video using Facebook live for the first time!

My video fresh tip of the day wasn’t about SEO specifically, it was generally about having a constant stream of fresh and relevant content on your website.

I get asked many times per week about SEO and if it is one of the services that I deliver and my answer is usually: We don’t do off the page SEO, we only coach and help small business owners with on the page SEO. (I will write another blog post explaining this part in more detail)

Back to our main subject here, “what’s the best thing to do for a better ranking with Google and should you worry when they keep changing their algorithm?”

The straight answer is that if you are original, true and relevant to your audience, you constantly┬árefresh your content and keep doing it, Google will love you! And that is regardless of the active algorithm of that time, it’s the best content marketing or inbound marketing method that works.

You see, Search Engine Optimization algorithms are changed from time to time in order to make Google search results more accurate and relevant.

So every time some unscrupulous people find ways to fool the algorithm and try to “inorganically” rank higher, Google will change it so that the most relevant, original and engaging content gets ahead. Isn’t that we all want when we search for something?

Remember: “Content is King”

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